Homemade Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters and Mustards made by Amish families in state inspected kitchens from Kaskaskia Valley Illinois

homemade fruit butter

The amish family makes the butters from the best fruits available, then cooks and whips them up in small batches to capture the natural fruit flavors in each jar. Nothing tastes better than a fruit butter spread on your warm morning toast with that hot cup of coffee or cool glass of milk.

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9 oz. Jar of Apple Butter : Price=$3.25
18 oz. Jar of Apple Butter: Price=$4.25
9 oz. Jar of Apricot Butter : Price=$3.25
9 oz. Jar Black Raspberry Butter: Price=$3.25
9 oz. Jar of Blueberry Butter: Price=$3.25
9 oz. Jar of Cherry Buttter : Price=$3.25
9 oz. Jar of Four Berry Butter : Price=$3.25.
9 oz. Jar of Peach Butter: Price=$3.25
9 oz. Jar of Pumpkin Butter: Price=$3.25
18 oz. Jar of Pumpkin Butter : Price=$4.25
9 oz.jar of Strawberry Butter :Price=$3.25
9 oz Jar of Strawberry/Rhubarb Butter: Price=$3.25

homemade fruit butter

The fruit butters are made from all natural fruits that come from receipes handed down from generation to generation. The small batches make sure the flavor is captured in each jar.

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