Homemade Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters and Mustards made by Amish families in state inspected kitchens from Kaskaskia Valley Illinois

Our Gourmet Products


Pickled vegetable, spiced fruits, salad dressings and mushrooms make up the product list of our gourmet products. All of the vegetables and fruits are picked at the peak of their maturity so that each flavor is captured in the processing.

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16 oz. Jar of Dilled Brussel Sprouts: Price=$3.95
16 oz. Jar of Pickled Asparagus Spears: Price=$6.40
16 oz Jar of Dilled Green Beans: Price=$6.60
20 oz. Jar of Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Pickles and Peppers: Price=$5.25

32 oz. Jar Of Sweet Italian Mushrooms: Price=$7.90
32 oz. Jar Zesty Garlic Mushrooms: Price=$7.90

32 oz. Jar Spiced Peaches: Price=$7.25
12 oz Jar Pickled Garlic: Price=$6.00

Quart Jar Bread & Butter Pickles: Price=$6.35
Quart Jar Garlic Chips: Price=$6.35
Pint Jar of Dilled Garlic Pickle Spears: Price=$4.25

Pint Jar Tiny Beets: Price=$5.70
Quart Jar Tiny Beets: Price=$7.00

Quart Jar of German Sauerkraut: Price=$5.10
Quart Jar of Old Fashion Sauerkraut: Price=$5.10

19 oz. Jar Old Fashion Pepper Relish: Price=$4.50
19 oz. Jar Old Fashion Pepper Relish with Pineapple: Price= $4.50
Pint Jar of Country corn relish: Price=$4.50
15 oz.Jar of Vadalia Onion Relish: Price=$5.25

our gourmet products